07 January 2013

Familiarize Yourself With Pregnancy Symptoms

Knowing Pregnancy symptoms or signs of pregnancy can help you to be assured whether you are pregnant or not. Before taking a pregnancy test, you can find out whether you get these symptoms. Figuring out the pregnancy symptoms properly can help you to prepare yourself to be a mom and more so that it will be your first pregnancy. The following details give you very useful and informative information about pregnancy symptoms.

Pregnancy Symptoms Human Embryo genesis

Pregnancy Symptoms

There are some common pregnancy symptoms or signs of pregnancy you need to know. The symptoms include missed period, unusual period, nausea, changes in libido, soreness of the breasts, more frequent urination, enlargement of the breasts, strange and unusual cravings, colostrum from breasts, enlarged abdomen, enlarging uterus, fatigue or getting tired easily, and spotting.From those common symptoms, tender breasts can be the most common one. The breasts prepare to produce mils so they change their shapes. In addition, the breasts can be more sensitive for several months.

Shortness of breath can be also a symptom of pregnancy. In one case, you easily get winded when going up the stairs. It is caused by the growing fetus which needs oxygen. So, the growing baby begins to put pressure on your diaphragm and lungs.When you find out that putting on your bras is not comfortable, you can conclude that this is also the first sign that you are pregnant. To deal with this matter, you had better wear the most supportive and comfortable bras for daily.Morning sickness is also a symptom of getting pregnant. Although the name is morning sickness but it can occurs not only in the morning but also in the noon and night. To reduce the discomfort, it is suggested to eat foods that settle your stomach well.

By knowing some common pregnancy symptoms or signs of pregnancy, you can be more well-prepared to be a mother. What is more, you can get proper treatments for not only your health but also your growing baby’s health. During pregnancy, some women also have a heightened sense of smell. It can be caused by a way to protect pregnant women from eating tainted or spoiled foods as well as protecting the baby from kinds of harmful toxins.A pregnant woman also needs approximately 300 extra calories in one day. So, they tend to get unusual hunger as well.

Pregnancy Symptoms