03 January 2013

Paracentesis Tool

Paracentesis Tool might be defined as a tool to help doctors to perform paracentesis. Paracentesis itself is defined as a form of body fluid sampling procedure. What is more, it usually refers to peritoneocentesis. So, the peritoneal cavity is punctured by a needle to sample peritoneal fluid. The following descriptions give your further details about paracentesis.

Paracentesis Tool

Paracentesis is used because of several reasons by a doctor may use a Paracentesis Tool to relieve abdominal pressure from ascites. Paracentesis is used to diagnose metastatic cancer, to diagnose blood in peritoneal space in trauma, to puncture the tympanic membrane for diagnostic purposes, and to reduce intra-ocular pressure in central retinal artery occlusion.If you want to find out the cause of fluid buildup in the belly, you can also get paracentesis. What is more, paracentesis can be done to check for particular types of cancer suchlike liver cancer. Damage after a belly injure can also be checked by performing parancentesis.

Besides making sure that the Paracentesis Tool is the right one, you need to prepare several things before having paracentesis done. So, you need to tell your doctor several things regarding to any medicine you taken, allergic you have to particular medicine including anesthetics as numbing medicines, bleeding problems, and pregnancy. Before doing the procedure, you will be asked to empty your bladder. What is more, you may be asked to get a blood test to ensure that you do not have any clotting problems or bleeding problems.Furthermore, you must not forget to talk and discuss with your doctor about the need for the test, any possible risks that may occur to you, and how the procedure will be done.

Paracentesis is done based on some steps. The doctor will prepare the Paracentesis Tool. What is more, the procedure can be done not only in the doctor's office but also in an emergency room, in the x-ray department, or even at your bedside in the hospital. You will be asked to lie on your back with your head raised when there is a large amount of liquid will be taken out during the procedure. If you have less fluid, you will be asked to sit up. There will be a special soap and sterile towels needed to clean up the site where the doctor will put the needle. So, the Paracentesis Tool must be clean and sterile. Before the doctor put the paracentesis needle in where the extra fluid is likely to be, the doctor will put a numbing medicine into your belly.

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