31 December 2012

Determine If You Are Pregnant

Pregnancy Testing is required to help you determining whether you are pregnant or not. Otherwise, some women get the test to rule out their pregnancy prior to medical treatment or fertility treatments.A woman can get the test either by taking a blood test or urine test. If you are taking a blood test, you need to spend more money than taking a urine test. It is because blood tests are more sensitive and more costly. Thus, most women prefer taking a urine test to taking a blood test. Every pharmacy sells urine tests and it simply needs placing a urine sample on either disk or a stick. The main objective taking the test is to determine if you are pregnant.

Pregnancy Testing

Determine If You Are Pregnant

Pregnancy Testing should be taken as quickly as possible if you get some pregnancy symptoms. The first symptom or sign is missing your period. It can be the most obvious symptom of pregnancy. Then, you can take pregnancy testing as soon as possible. The second symptom is breast tenderness. You can notice it when you are doing some activities such as getting dressed, doing exercises, taking a shower, or even trying to go to sleep.Breast tenderness happens because your body is preparing your breasts to produce milk for breastfeeding. The third symptom is soreness in nipples. Your nipples may become much darker in color. The fourth symptom is fatigue. When you feel easily tired than normal, you can consider takingPregnancy Testingimmediately. The fatigue is caused by the changes of your body and the increasing level of your hormones. What is more, the symptom includes starting to go to sleep much earlier or getting much harder to wake up in the morning. Another symptom is you get more frequent urination.The more frequent urination happens because there are extra body fluids produced and processed by kidneys and bladder.

Pregnancy Testing has several names such as early pregnancy test (ept), home pregnancy test (hpt), pregnancy test (pt), rabbit test, and home test. Many women tend to take the test on their own because there is no risk occurs to the test. If you get a blood test, you can take it about ten days after ovulation. Meanwhile, if you take a urine test, you can take it around fourteen days after ovulation. The result of can be either positive or negative. Furthermore, it is advisable to get Pregnancy Testingby the help of a doctor or a midwife as well.