10 December 2012

What Would You Do with Chemical Compound in Food Additives?

Everyone needs food, that is just the fact and let just face it bravely. The problem is this: most of your, probably even favorite, foods come from the industry. This means, many of them have been manufactured with any chemical compound that often acts as additive. From the point of view of the industry, this additive compound is everything that is necessary. They need something to make the food last longer just to get them sold, and chemically manufactured compound which could make the products stay a few days longer, at least longer enough for the customers’ hands to reach or grab them before putting them in their shopping cart, touches the basic problem of their survival and collapse, as an industry.

Little wonder then that most of food industries are more than ready to do as what seem as blatant lies by saying their products carry no such thing as chemical additive compound or that all of their canned products are as natural as nature herself! Yet, despite the obvious lies and persistent campaigns to tell the lies through many advertisements, that is just how the food industry could ever survive.

And of these lies, the food additive compound which has been inserted into the food products, is not without the consumers not knowing anything about it too. Just ask every single adult consumer who happens to be in any store and shop for any food product: all of them would have been aware about the presence of chemical compound, or even compounds really, that they also buyalong with the food products they put in the cart. And thus, yes, the problem seems to round back to you all over again: would you still buy such products or you would care enough to look for much natural or organic products, albeit the rareness such latter products can be found in the market?

Chemical Compound in Food Additives