15 December 2012

Are These Medicinal Compounds Safe?

Medicine. The word does carry a long history of pharmaceutical industry which went way back to the ancient time. It is said that the word pharmacy has its root from the Greek pharmakon, which by happen also means exactly the two opposite, antidote or medicine, and poison. Little wonder then that even at these present days people are having two different opinions about the medicinal compound found in any kind of medicines. The compound, by the very fact that it is chemical, may thus present blessing and threat to the patients at the same time.

And for such double-edge sword the medicinal compound always carries, some people seek to avoid it all together and choose any alternative cure or medicine available. More often than not, such alternative medicine means herbal mixture or some kind of organic compound which these people believe to have nothing sort of chemical substance as its ingredients. Apart from the fact that such saying of the organic mixture is really all organic, to some degree is also debatable, what is apparently unnecessary is to take such an extreme level to avoid all the chemical compound to be found in the medicines.

Now, of course this is not at all to say that you could then freely consume everything chemical as your medicines. What it is to say more is that you need to be wiser in consuming the medicinal compound even though it has been prescribed for your illness. Just remember that there are developing numbers of cases for prescribed medicine addiction. And you don’t need to be a medical genius to guess that some of the cause may have anything to do with the prescribed medicine’s chemical compound. And of this, the wisest thing to say is just not to take everything over, both in reaction and consumption. Then, everything may indeed be safe.

Medicinal Compounds

Medicinal Compounds